Special project for business class

AEROFLOT  ×  Vedomosti

What we do:
Research & Analytics, Art direction, Web production, UI/UX design

Aeroflot works so that its passengers can quickly and comfortably cover huge distances for as long as 96 years,

which means they can be mobile, meet more often, work successfully and see the world in all its diversity.

The company gives passengers the opportunity to choose thanks to the extensive route network and the various carriers of the Group: from the low-cost airline to the premium airline.

In 2017, a special Vedomosti project was launched in conjunction with AEROFLOT “Tearing Off the Ground, Don’t Tear Off the Business”.

He talks about all the main advantages of the Business Class (and not only) company in the air without looking up from their important business.

We developed the design of a special project and did everything that users would know and get enough of when they arrived on the site,

to reveal the primitive philosophy of the Business Class company using interactive infographics, dynamic articles and thoughtful animation.