Branding Art Performance

ARKAИM  ×  NORMA  ×  Mutabor

What we do:
Brand identification system, Research & Analytics, Art direction, Key Visual, Typography


The international premiere of multimedia performance «ARKAИM».

Passing through the walls of the Moscow art space “Mutabor” created by singer Maya Balashova and composer Nikolai Popov, in which the archaic art of the human voice and body is integrated into the field of electro-acoustic music and visual space.
Concert Curator: Maxim Shostakovich

We studied the history and outline of excavations of the ancient settlement “ARKAИM”, created a unique graphic sign and corporate identity for the premiere.
Motion Designer: Cyril Galvidis

We found a solution in the geometry of architecture and used elements of ancient writing in design elements. Developed navigation and animated videos for the advertising campaign. What is Arkaиm? This is a unique object of material culture, an archaeological monument created during the Bronze Age (III-II millennium BC) in the Southern Urals.

The multimedia performance “Arkaиm” is an attempt to combine an anachronistic, pristine reality with real and tangible reality. The synthesis of power, the possibilities of modern art with the beauty and magnetism of the archaic world.

A program consisting of works by Nikolai Popov, in which traditional instruments interact with various media – electronics, video and light, and the performers themselves sometimes play an unusual role, becoming some intermediaries between the audio and visual perception of compositions.