General Invest

Investing as an Art. Promo project

General Invest

What we do:

Research & Analytics, Art direction, Web production, UI/UX design,Motion design, Key Visual, Typography

General Invest is an investment company with its own history, traditions and unique corporate culture.

It was founded in 2009 by Vincenzo Trani – a successful Italian financier.

We developed a promotional site for “General Invest – Investing as an Art”.

The task was to create an ordinary longread, because little time was given to implement the project. Despite the tight deadlines, we decided to rethink the task and create something more interesting than just a “top-down” site.

We developed a unique image of the company based on their shape and color of the brand name, revealed visually the brand’s philosophy associated with the art of ancient Rome.

Now our idea is used by the company as the main vector for the image.