HBO Amediateka

Social project against media piracy

HBO  ×  Amediateka  ×  BBDO

What we do:
Research & Analytics, Art direction, Web production, UI/UX design

HBO is a worldwide television network. In Russia, HBO fans have been watching their favorite movies and TV shows on the Amediateka service for 6 years.

In this project, HBO and Amediateka joined forces to once and for all eradicate the evil that populated the Internet and prevented us from enjoying high-quality cinema to the full.

In the framework of the project “Pirate bran from the network”, we provided each user with the opportunity to participate in a campaign against resources with low-quality content.

Each user can provide a link to a pirated site and if this link is not in the organizers database, he will receive a fee – 1 year of subscription to the Amediateka service.

We have developed an interactive platform where everyone can participate in the project and collect their award.
Layout Design: Ilya Kulikov

Our tasks included the development of the project concept and the implementation of its visual design, including UX and UI design.