UNIQLO Youth Is Yours

Special project for UNIQLO Russian


What we do:
Research & Analytics, Producing.


Youth is your genome. Youth exists here and now.

Loud laughter, sincere love, close friends. Your personality, your style. Youth in every cell of the body, individuality in every detail of clothing. Youth is yours. UNIQLO.

In this special project, the customer was a well-known Japanese brand of lifestyle clothing.

The peculiarity of the project is that the customer decided to check his image for durability. None of the photographs mention the brand, but thanks to the outstanding style, the viewer understands what the brand is in front of him.

The red thread of the project is the manifesto of youth,

and the main message is that no one dares to take your youth, personality and style from you.

Responsibility for producing the project took over Bekishev Studio.

The selection of the team, models, locations and moods – all these tasks were completed by us. And performed perfectly.