Yandex Market

Promo project for Marketmania

Yandex Market

What we do:
Concept, Research & Analytics, Art direction, Web production, Marketing positioning


A company that develops e-commerce services.

He is engaged in the development of three projects: the Yandex.Market service, the Beru marketplace and the Bringly platform for cross-border online trading

The task was to implement a convenient and interesting site for users, as well as develop an idea, a name and come up with the positioning of a promotion for Marketmania.

We came up with an idea and developed a promotional website: Predatory nights. Do not spill your booty with a super discount!

The longest day and the shortest night in June. Generous prey with a big discount lives just in those very hot and short hours of the night, that’s why they offered to hunt especially when it’s dark, to catch fat discounts by surprise and catch them!

A reminder will be on the dial of the site, which shows the time until the “Special Hunt”. Every three days the product segment changes and if you do not have time, you cannot return it. And in order not to forget about the night hunt, the user can subscribe to notifications.